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At Aeropix we provide professional commercial aerial photographs taken from a 26 metre vehicle mounted mast. Our ground based system offers the latest technology in aerial photography at a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter or small aircraft.

Our highly portable and flexible system consists of a vehicle mounted mast that extends 26 metres and has the latest Canon digital camera secured to it. Bespoke software allows the camera to be operated via a laptop in an office situated in the rear of our vehicle.

Take a look at our van with 26 metre mast fully extended.

Multiple images are taken at different heights and angles and are then individually checked, cropped and colour balanced before being put onto a disc for the client. Our system means that we deliver a highly efficient and cost effective service with an exceedingly high turnaround time. A4 prints can be provided on-site for a small additional fee. Larger professional prints and banners can be ordered up to almost any size for collection at a later date.